Zimbabwe to host coordination workshop on Pollution Monitoring in Africa

By Environmental Reporter

Zimbabwe is set to host a final coordination workshop on Pollution Monitoring in Africa this coming Monday with the help of International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA).

The programme entitled Establishing and Improving a Pollution Monitoring in Africa was implemented in 2016 with the aim to improve air pollution monitoring sytems in the continent. The lifespan of the programme will expire this year and a successor project is expected to be named during the deliberations.

Speaking to SpotLight Online News Africa on Friday Lawrence Mashungu RAF7016 Project Counterpart for Zimbabwe confirmed that at least 23 African nations are expected to attend the coordination workshop which runs from 17th to 23rd February.

“Zimbabwe will host other 23 member states that are part of the collaboration on the project called Establishing and Improving a Pollution Monitoring in Africa. The coordination workshop will run from the 17th to 23rd this month.”

According to Mashungu the programme is expected to foster collaboration among African nations in addressing the effects of air pollution through technology sharing among other aspects.

“The Programme is a seed which will bring African nations together at the back of air pollution and at the same time it allows technology sharing among peer countries in addressing the challenges.”

Zimbabwe will benefit from the introduction of nuclear technology, planning on health systems and capacity building. It will enhance climate change programming for the country to achieve its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) targets on emissions reduction in line with Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

“The programme will assist Zimbabwe through the introduction of nuclear technology for monitoring and air pollution which the country has not been using. It is also useful in health planning, capacity building initiatives and bringing us a loop with other countries.”

Ghana, Senegal, Egypt, Lesotho, Tanzania and Kenya are some of the 23 nations expected to take part in the coordination workshop. The Secretariat of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is also expected to be represented.

Lawrence Mashungu is also a Climate Change Expert and Mitigation Officer with the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

Tendai Guvamombe