Zimbabwe Union of Journalists Statement on the appointment of Hon Paradza as Information Dept Minister 


The Zimbabwe Union of Journalists welcomes the appointment of former ZUJ President Kindness Paradza as the new Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services.


Hon Paradza was also a former publisher of Africa Tribune Newspapers, publisher of the then Tribune Newspaper.


The Union looks forward to working with Hon Paradza, also the MP for Makonde, on all issues of free journalistic enterprise and freedom of expression that ZUJ espouses so as to have a vibrant media and an informed citizenry that freely participates and contributes to democratic governance and development in the country.


ZUJ would also like to register its appreciation of the Presidium for its recognition of one more amongst us as Hon Paradza joins a list of fellow journalists that have served in government in recent years such as James Maridadi and Super Mandiwanzira.


ZUJ urges Hon Paradza to embrace all journalists in his line of duty and help cement the unity that ZUJ is forging among members to avoid unnecessarily polarizing the media.

Michael Chideme
ZUJ President

Tendai Guvamombe