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Zimbabwe’s top Lead Auditor to launch two books on consultancy

By Staff Reporter

An International Consultant in Sustainability and Certified Lead Auditor, Tawanda Collins Muzamwese will be launching his two books on consultants towards the end of lockdown period.

He will be the first Internationally certified consultant and lead auditor in the country to pioneer the authoring of two serial books relevant in sustainability and leadership consultants.

The first book entitled ‘Step by Step Guide to Implementing Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management Systems’ focuses on how companies can develop Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Standards.
The three key standards involved are ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems; ISO 45001:2015 Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. Apart from these the book has a bias towards the development of policies for handling emergency situations.

The second book titled ‘The Leading Consultant – How to become a leading authority in your professional field’ explores the major attributes of consultants management by providing clear guidelines that are involved in setting up a consultants and increasing the relevance and visibility of consulting services. The book is applicable to different fields of management consulting including human resources, finance, safety, health environment, quality management, risk management, information communication technology (ICT) among others.

Speaking to SpotLight Online News Africa , Muzamwese said he was prompted to write the first book after realizing how the country is lagging behind latest global trends of consultants and the need of local companies to enhance environmental compliance, fighting against climate change among other issues.

” I developed writing interest because I felt we needed a local voice to speak about sustainability. We have environmental safety and health issues each day, by sometimes foreign texts are not compatible with local situation hence the need of our products to compete at global stage. I also felt that its useful for companies to develop interests in addressing issues around climate change, energy efficiency, water efficiency address.”
“The book explore standads so that companies enhance environmental compliance, fight climate change, save production costs and help enter foreign markets.”

He added that the second book reflects on his journey in consultants management and seeks to guide the lead consultants who are eager to establish their services in a manner that outshines any chances of becoming fly by nights, briefcase companies and sometimes having a short lifespan.

“I realized that a good number of companies in consultants management struggles a lot in terms of the ability to survive, outright establishment, financial management, bankruptcy, managing partnerships among other issues. With a specific track on my journey in consultants management, the book explores ten major attributes of management consultants, looking at steps involved in the establishment of a sound consultants service, goes on to elaborate on the existence of briefcase, fly by night companies, dos and donts when establishing consultants service.”

All the two books were penned with specific references drawn from high level global institutions which include McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Bain & Company.

The author has a track record of carrying out SHEQ audits, training and consultancy in more than 100 companies from at least 30 countries across the globe.
Academically he holds Master of Environment and Energy Environment with University of Netherlands and is the founder of African Sustainability Consultants.

Tendai Guvamombe