ZIMSTATS Statistics on Urban defecation questioned


The ZIM STAT statistics on urban defecation has been subjected to criticism during the workshop Programme for The Dissemination of The Multiple Indicator Clusture Survey (MICS) Main Report this Tuesday in the Capital.

Taurai Maja Water Sanitation and Hygiene Officer with Ministry of Water disagreed with the statistics presented by Tidings Matangira from ZIM STAT. The statistics revealed that there was zero percent defecation in the urban area during the year 2019.

“I am disagreeing with your statistics which asserts that there was a record of zero percent defecation rate in the urban areas in the year 2019. I am saying this basing on what we are seeing in the streets of Harare City and some of its major places. There is chaos on what we are seeing as comparable to ZIM STAT Statics.”

Tidings Matangira defended the published ZIMSTAT statistics saying their findings were found on the basis of getting feedbacks from the households they visited in Harare. Alleged that waste found in the streets of the Central Business District (CBD) are done by destitutes.

“Our research findings were gathered from the households that we visited during our research process. All the wastes that you see in the city among other areas could be done by destitutes those people who are homeless.”

Kundai Victoria an Officer with Ministry of National Housing and Social Amenities recommended for extension of research that is more qualitative in order to help with relevant details on ground.

“Our area of concern is on the aspect of disease outbreaks such a cholera in the city , I recommend that ZIM STAT to work on qualitative surveys which would give us real statistics on the ground. Extension of the research that is more qualitative makes the research to become more comparable.”

Tendai Guvamombe