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ZRP Officer accused of killing minor, video goes viral


The video of a Zimbabwe Republic Police Officer (ZRP) surrounded by civilians, accused of killing a minor along Second Street in the Avenues area has gone viral.

By the dusk hours yesterday the Video had circulated in the corridors of Social Media.

In the video, a cop is seen surrounded by a considerable number of civilians accusing him of killing the baby.

Also in the seen appears a woman crying holding a motionless baby in her hands as she continues to hold the police officer with another hand.

The Police Spokesperson haven’t issued a statement concerning the incident.

Meanwhile, there has been mixed reactions from members of the public who took to post their views and thoughts on the Facebook platform where the video is posted.

Most reactions suggested that the cop deserves a death sentence while the other things people should have also killed the officer.

“This Policeman should have been dealt with straight away and his colleagues should have seen him a dead person.”

Another comment reads: “She needs to sue the police department one million US dollars. The police officer must be given a death penalty!!

Another Facebook also suggested that the government should assist the woman in footing bills for hospital, funeral and other essentials.

Another user regarded the incident as an abuse against Women, an act that should be condemned.

No to Women abuse, he who hits a woman with that stick, jail is not enough punishment for that policeman. The state should give the woman hospital, funeral and education benefits forever.”

There was also another message that circulated on the WhatsApp platform where a legal practitioner was looking for the affected woman and was ready to assist her in filling a legal case against the Police.

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe