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ZSG strategic planning a roadmap towards environmental sustainability

Tendai Guvamombe

Zimbabwe Sunshine Group (ZSG), a youth led initiative last week held its strategic planning meeting ahead of the projected goals focused for 2021-2025 and will be inline with government polices on sustainable development.

The pertinent issues discussed encompassed a roadmap to ZSG future programming and these include inclusivity, alignment with National Development Strategy, gender mainstreaming, disability mainstreaming among vulnerable groups.

Ronny Mbaisa ZSG Executive Director spoke to Spotlight Online News Africa on the essence of the strategic planning and the developmental goals.

“We wanted to develop a new strategic plan document that will guide the organization in the next 5 yesrs . In the previous strategic planning ZSG was primarily focussing on waste management yet had not factored in the components of climate change and aspects to do with inclusivity. As the timeline for the document was coming to a close it coincided with the development of National Development Strategy that was launched recently at national level. ZSG now seeks to align with the NDS in order to be a wholesome contributed to Zimbabwe as a developing nation.”

The engagement was attended by representatives from Climate Change Management Department, Ministry of Women Affairs, United Nations Development Programme(UNDP), International Labor Organization (ILO), Young Volunteers for the Environment among other stakeholders who delivered key notes.

ZSG will be incorporating local and regional development frameworks on environmental sustainability. The organization reaffirmed its willingness to collaborate with local and external stakeholders. This will strengthen organizational programming and implementation capacity.

In an interview with Claris Mandoreba ZSG Programmes Manager revealed that the youth led initiatives have moved a step further in striking strategic partnerships with different stakeholders in a quest to amplifiy the organizational mandates by factoring in valid inputs on a wider scale. Issues of Climate Change and environment remains topical and key in the underlaying objectives.

“ZSG thrives on the collaborations that we have from internal and external stakeholders who had the opportunity to factor thier inputs towards our future programming. It is important for ZSG to understand partners and the environment in which we operate therefore contributions from stakeholders such as UNDP, Climate Change Management Department, Women Affairs, ILO, ZAS, MSF were ideal relevant to the development of ZSG’s roadmap.”

“As a youth oriented organization we place a lot of importance on the participation of young people in environmental sustainability and climate change Programmes. In this new strategic planning there of disability mainstreaming and gender mainstreaming. Lawrence Mashungu from the Climate Change Managment Department encouraged ZSG and young people to invest in scenario planning to avoid losing track later in case of disasters such as the COVID-19 pandemic. There is also a need to look at COVID-19 as an extary and focster for the preparedness of communities in dealing with pandemics. Most communities were heavily affected and in steady of focusing on building back better would rather focus on building forward. ”

The engagement become an ideal platform to reflect on organization’s core activities, looking at areas of improvements and coming up with clear roadmap for 2021-2025.

Tendai Guvamombe